NST #325: Slate, "Rachel Maddow's Conspiracy Brain" (2019)

Willa Paskin’s piece in Slate, “Rachel Maddow’s Conspiracy Brain” relies heavily on string-theory constructions in her critique of The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC, 2008- ): link.

Willa Paskin, “Rachel Maddow’s Conspiracy Brain,” in Slate

Beginning with her introduction of Sean Hannity:

Night after night he pushes deranged “factual” interpretations—Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is an actress, not a congresswoman; the Mueller investigation is an attempted deep state coup—that turn the world into a wall of crazy targeting the Trump regime.

Before turning to Maddow:

But Maddow too, has turned the universe into an intricate web of intersecting plots that all lead to one conclusion: collusion.

and her recent methodology:

Maddow’s winking insistence otherwise feels like willful misdirection. “All this stuff is still live,” she said, with the amused self-assured look of someone who thinks they have figured out a magician’s trick, “even as it’s shutting down.” There’s no reason to peel the arrows and news clippings off the wall, so long as you can find a new string.

and her reaction to Attorney General William Barr’s recently-released letter on the as-yet-unreleased Robert Mueller report:

But Maddow has entertained zero criticism of Mueller, he’s the protagonist she’s sticking with, and zero engagement with the possibility that this—the “this” that includes indictments of several top Trump pals but not the man himself—is it. Instead, she’s just gathering thread for her next loop around the pushpins.

From contributor Eric Thomas.